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by Sharell शारेल on June 8, 2009

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Yesterday I made mention of my recent trip to Coorg, in Karnataka, and stay at Honey Pot Homes. For those who were interested, here are some more photos.

Three cottages at Honey Pot Homes, Coorg.

Three cottages at Honey Pot Homes, Coorg.

Honey Pot Homes has three cottages, grouped together overlooking the coffee plantation. They’re located a short distance from the host’s residence.

View of communal patio and tree house from cottage porch.

View from cottage porch.

The cottages have a communal patio that’s attractively furnished with chairs, tables, and large umbrellas. There’s also a tree house nestled nearby in the plantation, which guests can dine in.

Cottage interior at Honey Pot Homes.

Cottage interior at Honey Pot Homes.

Inside, the cottages are modern and spacious. Each has a loft, which sleeps an additional two people.

Road leading through the coffee estate.

Road in the coffee estate.

Honey Pot Homes is set on a 225 acre coffee plantation, with a stream running through it. It’s possible to explore the plantation and walking tours are conducted daily in the afternoon. The estate has a long history, and has been in the hosts’ family for over 150 years.

A healthy Arabica coffee plant.

A healthy Arabica coffee plant.

The plantation has both Arabica and Robusta coffee plants. They’re harvested from November to February, then the beans are dried and roasted. Plants flower again nine days after the first rainfall for the year is received in March/April.

Pepper plant.

Pepper plant.

Pepper is also grown on the estate. The pepper plants climb the trees which provide shade to the coffee plants.

Food served at Honey Pot Homes.

Food served at Honey Pot Homes.

One of the benefits of staying at a homestay is the delicious home cooked food that’s served. I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Amongst other things, the hosts especially made one of my favourite Indian foods — fish curry. As they are a Muslim family, they were even kind enough to cook me beef, which I really appreciated.

The hosts were so warm and welcoming, I really felt like part of their family. It was an unforgettable experience.

The cottages at Honey Pot Homes cost 3,300 rupees (around US$70) per night, including breakfast.

More information (and bookings) can be obtained from the Mahindra Homestays website. You can also read my review of Honey Pot Homes on

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nickki18229 June 9, 2009 at 3:25 am

Great pics! I have learned something total new reading this blog along with your other blogs. Those pics are breath taking ones glad to hear you had good time I read your review it was nice, thank you for sharing them with us. For me living in the US it’s nice to be able to see pics like this and read your blog.


chumee March 6, 2012 at 1:21 pm

Oh! I’m from Coorg. Glad you liked it. We also have a beautiful national forest and some lovely water falls you could visit in the area. Did you get to try the Coorg style Pork? It’s delish!


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